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Our ultimate goal is to create the best possible customer experience to enable a real conversation and relationship between you and your customers. We have seen that if done well, this really makes all the difference.


Over a 8 years ago, Freightools was launched and started not only to fill this void between Importers, Exporters and Freight Forwarders, but also challenged the poor service levels and high rates of the existing software companies.

Freightools challenged the status quo of the freight forwarding softwares industry and rapidly grew from market challenger to a position of product and market leader in white-label digital freight solution. We still challenge the industry and ourselves everyday and are blazing new trails to lead the digital freight software industry, which we now know as “digital freight forwarding”, to a better future.

Freightools works together with thousands of clients in over thirty countries on all continents, building digital environments together with major freight industry brands like Sedapta Group, Hellmann, All-Forward, Unimasters and Delta Novel. These major brands enable the ultimate customer-brand experience, offering not just freight and booking but all products and services an importer and exporter could wish for.

We will not stop until we have expend our philosophy throughout the world and in all markets. We want to make sure that from now on booking an international freight shipment is fun, easy and rewarding, every step of the way!




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